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Communion Dress Styles

The holy sacrament of first communion is one of the greatest religious events of your daughter's life. The moment she takes her first Holy Eucharist is symbolic of when Jesus asked His followers to enjoy the bread of His body and the wine of His blood. By symbolically partaking in His sacrifice, she strengthens her relationship with Christ.

There are three distinctive styles of Communion dress styles: classic, traditional, and modern. Your choice will depend on personal preference, cultural traditions, family values, and religious requirements by the church.


The classic Communion dress is the most popular choice today. The look is elegant with clean, simple lines. It is usually tea length (mid-calf) or full-length with sleeves. The ease, comfort, and clean look of this design are flattering for most girls and different body types.


The traditional Communion dress style is more formal and lavish that the classic design. These dresses (typically of European tradition) are usually made from fine fabrics such as satin, taffeta, and organza. Detailing can be intricate with beads, pearls, sequins, and other embellishments. A full veil and white gloves are common accessories to complete the look. Check to see if your culture has specific traditional requirements.


The modern Communion dress style is trendy and fashionable. A typical look seen today might be a satin dress with an A-line shape and fitted bust. Modern Communion dress styles may also be sleeveless. Dresses can have delicate embroidery, beading, and other embellishments. You can choose to add a shawl, sweater, cape, jacket, or bolero to finish the outfit. Be sure to check with your parish's requirements before choosing this style as some churches do not allow sleeveless Communion dresses.

While the emphasis of this sacred occasion should be about the child and the ceremony and not the attire, choosing the perfect Communion dress is important. She will want a dress that will make her feel special. You may want to save the dress as a keepsake. The entire family will remember this day and take many photographs.

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